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IG der Production-Designer im Werbefilm

We are an association of production designers working within the advertising film industry in Germany. We have come together in the spirit of solidarity with each other and to enable better communication across the board of commercial film production.


Production Designers are responsible for the set design and the set dressing.
Production Designers are also intrinsically involved in the overall look of the production. This requires a close creative collaboration with both the Director and the DoP , and liaison with other departments responsible for the film mis-en-scene.

In the pre-production phase on commercials, the design work includes contributing moods, visuals and set designs for the director’s interpretation and throughout the whole approvals process.

As the head of the art department, the Production Designer is responsible for the smooth and efficient running of the department. This includes the booking, briefing, coordinating and overseeing the team during all stages of production.

In those cases where projection, pyrotechnics, special effects and weather effects are also required the Production Designer is involved in the planning and execution together with
the SFX supervisor.

Often the Production Designer is involved in creating set designs that are later
executed in CGI, during the post-production phase. This might require liaising with the VFX supervisor.


All members of the Association of Production Designers strive for smooth and transparent communication and collaboration with the commissioning production companies and clients.

We hope that this platform will facilitate transparency and help strengthen the solidarity amongst all key players within the commercial film production industry.

Please see the detailed task description of the Design Team on page MEMBER

The founding members of the IG-productiondesignwerbefilm.de
Dorle Bahlburg, Marco Bittner Rosser, Bader El Hindi, Katrin Geller, Klaus Hartl, Benedikt Herforth, Juliane Hoffrecht, Birgit Kniep-Gentis, Sebastian Krawinkel, Marketa Korinkova, Benedikt Lange, Malte Nitsche, Xaver Nitsche, Monika Nüchtern, Bea Papiri, Pan Patellis, Susa Prieschl, Katja Severin, Sebastian Soukup, Tommy Stark, Colin Taplin, Seth Turner


Membership of the IG is a seal of quality. The members of the IG are a specialized professional group whose experience offers clients the highest degree of creativity, competence and team management skills in the visualization and production of film projects.

The task of all members of IG-productiondesignwerbefilm.de is to facilitate a better understanding and appreciation of the scope of our work and the role of a Production Designer within the industry and beyond.

To help create a better understanding of the art department, the membership page
Offers a more detailed explanation:


Production Designer: Person responsible for the overall look and feel of project
Art Director: supports and executes the visual language as stipulated by Production Designer and
Propmaster: head of the property department, responsible for delivery, storage and return of
All props, whether purchased or hired out.
Set-Dec: is creatively in tune with Production Designer and interprets his visions.
(heading up the set-dresser team – mostly relevant in movie productions)

Members of the IG are committed to solidarity with each other through an information exchange on all industry related issues on the members-only FORUM. This includes our commitment to the environment by avoiding material waste via the potential recycling of assets. Each member also individually represents the IG vis-à-vis clients.

We, the production designer for commercials, are a small but important peer group.
We can strengthen our position when you – our colleague – join us.
So please, don’t hesitate to fill out the application for either a full membership or
that of a newcomer.

Application for admission in the full member section
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